hight paying legal and financial services.

HOW AUTOMATED CROSS-MARKETING PAYS YOU MORE. When you promote high-paying legal and financial services (or almost any other service), you earn more than WEEKLY Commissions of up to $1,500 for each paid service from helping to lower people’s taxes, save their homes, eliminate their debts, protect their assets, improve their credit, etc…  (see how and what eachContinue reading “hight paying legal and financial services.”

How to approach a customer in sales via direct contacting

Whats the most powerful way of how to approach a new customer in sales? Direct contact! Nowhere else you do have more control, can you use all you know and can you address your leads more directly with all their wishes, needs and problems. And still, according to a Forbes statistics, 76% of leads neverContinue reading “How to approach a customer in sales via direct contacting”

How To Generate Leads in Sales

As an insurance agent, realtor, coach or affiliate marketer you need a way of how to generate leads in sales. Simply because for sales you need….yes: Customers. And for customers you need…., absolutely right: Leads To get those leads you need contacts with people and in this article we will focus on the 3 WaysContinue reading “How To Generate Leads in Sales”

How To Be Successful in Insurance Sales

Many of especially younger colleagues but also the experienced ones who followed my success journey over the last years ask me „Torsten, tell me,  How To Be Successful in Insurance Sales , just like you are?“ And this question has become even more relevant when you look at the economic damage which the pandemic causedContinue reading “How To Be Successful in Insurance Sales”

Case Study reveals: How To Increase Your Insurance Sales in Crisis

Scandal? Insurance Agent reveals secret 3-Step Process how COVID helped double Sales Figures in 6 Weeks       What are the most urging problems for insurance agents in this crisis? PART A Far too less client/appointments  A.1 Whats your status  So you suffer from a decrease or even a dramatic decrease in sales figures? You experience an increase in cancellation rates?  This all leads to the danger of not achieving your or your companies goals?  First let me acknowledge you: With reading this article of “how to use COVID as an accelerator for your sales success” you did the right first step.  Now you will learn the proven 3-Step-System and its toolbox Continue reading “Case Study reveals: How To Increase Your Insurance Sales in Crisis”