hight paying legal and financial services.


    • When you promote high-paying legal and financial services (or almost any other service), you earn more than WEEKLY Commissions of up to $1,500 for each paid service from helping to lower people’s taxes, save their homes, eliminate their debts, protect their assets, improve their credit, etc…  (see how and what each pays you), We also maximize your income through highly specialized integrated Automatic Cross Marketing Techniques…
      • ASN maximizes your return on marketing efforts by including related and often-needed services in your promoted pages.  In other words, we automatically insure that by promoting one needed service, you simultaneously promote related services that their original query indicates are probably also needed.  The result is that with every service you promote, you concurrently provide solutions to issues they almost certainly need to address and may not even know exist!  In other words, we automatically provide additional ways to affordably and effectively solve their problems, while at the same time maximizing your earnings. 
          • FOR EXAMPLE…
            Those who need assistance because they’ve been paying too much in taxes, often don’t realize that back taxes are often dischargeable in bankruptcy.  So you are, not only paid for the new tax services, but for the bankruptcy, they may need.
          • When you promote the FREE credit restoration system, you always earn, at least, 2 Profit Sharing Bonuses, when they request the free credit report that’s needed.   
            • Plus, often they decide they need professional service.  So you then also are paid a commission of $30 and earn another 20 points for profit sharing!  Profit Sharing Point Thresholds 
            • Often it is realized that due to their specific circumstances credit repair, will not achieve their long-term objectives.  Consequently, their best alternative may be to get a clean slate and start over with a bankruptcy.  If that’s the case, our network always provides the best service at the lowest cost.  And, of course, you are paid…  Your commission is $30 plus another 20 points which increases the number of profit-sharing bonuses you are paid.
          • When you promote home purchases, upon completion of the short form, they are automatically directed to this landing page. Again, we incorporate a number of Cross Marketing options.  Consequently, you often earn even if they don’t get a loan.
            • The first step of the purchase process is they get a free credit report.  That earns you 8 points

            �  If they have credit issues, we give them at no cost our premier credit repair manuals (usually $49.95).  If their issues are significant and they need to order our professional credit services, which happens very often, you more commissions and points.�   MORTGAGE REDUCTION– Did they contact us to refinance their home because they are facing possible foreclosure due to being behind in payments or want a refinance to lower their current payments?  Unfortunately, often and for many varied reasons, a full-blown refinance is simply impossible.  BUT YOU CAN STILL HELP! They don’t have to lose their home and you don’t have to lose your commission…   Even if they are currently in foreclosure, ASN’s Mortgage Reduction service can usually, delay the foreclosure for, at least, 2 to 3 months while in process, save their home, place all back payments on the end of the loan… and finally make their home affordable by lowering their payments by $500, $1,000 and $1,500 a month and more.  And you are paid from $300 to $500 plus, another 40 points just because your site referred them!  With ASN, it’s a fact… the more you help… the more you earn! Consider what happens to your income when your downline reaches 1,000… and that can easily be done within a few months…    Imagine a thousand people who now have an extra income that without you wouldn’t exist!  All because you gave them an opportunity to earn with ZERO investment… People all over the world,  all earning for free, and you earn every time they do!…   Working for themselves, earning their own commissions, building their own organizations, moving towards their own dreams, improving their own lives… and improving yours by doing it. Their lives become better because you shared… and because you shared, your life becomes better!

      • Remember, with ASN, you can get everything in life you want… if you help enough other people gets what they want.
        • ASN’s automatic Cross Marketing is just one of the countless ways ASN makes certain that anyone who follows and promotes the system is guaranteed to earn and grow… and the more of the system that’s implemented, the more you earn.  See your 6 Success Pillars
        • �   Sometimes credit position is such that their very best option is to get out of all existing debt and start over with bankruptcy.  That also pays you.

ASN really does work lightning fast, if it’s worked.

Here’s proof of how well our Auto Growth system works … 

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