What To Do in Social Media Marketing

What to do in social media marketing

Today I want to focus on five things, dos and don’ts, to show you what to do in social media marketing to have success. The list is not complete, but it covers the core principles. If you are missing something very important to you: in the comments there is much space to tell me 😉

When I look at all the questions and comments I got during last year’s coachings, then there is one thing which is a very big DO. And that is to provide value.

what to do in social media marketing. provide value for your audience.

Providing value as principle No 1 for what to do in social media marketing

Unfortunately most people fail with this. Why? That’s easy to explain and obviously hard to implement, if you don’t do your homework. Because for giving out this value you have to be clear about two crucial things:

Who is your customer?
What is of value to them?

So when we are talking about providing value we are first and foremost talking about your customer. And we all can see that most people fail with this, because there are only a few who really succeed in Social media or in Marketing and Sales in general, right?

On the other hand: if you know your customers and know their needs and their most urging problems you also know what is of utmost value for them. So that will not only be the foundation for your success, it will also make your life much easier.

So, my first tipp for you: Get to know what your customers want and give it to them, and do so on social media too. Like to have a tool that gives you a perfect customer avatar and where to find them in just a few seconds? Take a look here.

Or simply ask a question, like for example: What are the most important Do’s and Do not’s in social media for you ? Let me know in the comments.

Always use a CTA – a call to action – Principle No 2 for What to do in social media marketing

The magic word here is CTA or Call to Action. Without call to action, there is no engagement from your social media visitors. And you already know the reason why or have heard of this before.

what to do in social media marketing. Engage your audience

If you don’t know and don’t say what your customers should do on your post or on your website, why should they know?? It is as short and simple as this.

So, let’s get this done! What do you think is the best method to engage your audience? Just contact me through this link and tell me. And don’t forget to share this article on “What to do in social media marketing” with your friends. They will love you for that.

Guiding principle No 3 for what to do in social media marketing to have success is Consistency

Success is a marathon, it is not a sprint! Even a sprint stars, like Usain Bolt for example, who has won a ton of medals, nearly all GOLD, and has set many (unbroken) records in sprint competitions but he had to work on a consistently high level over a long period of time to succeed.

What to do in social media marketing. Be consistent

For social media it is the same: you have to provide the value (know your customer!) and ask for engagement (CTA) every single day or at least in a reliable rhythm, like for example every second day.

So consistency has three components:
– value
– engagement
– reliability

What is consistency for you? Tell me in the comments.

Now we come to the hardest part of what to do in social media marketing to be successful

At least this is the hardest part for me. Not only hard to describe, but also to follow. Do you know what I am talking about? Yes: the algorithm.

Sometimes I feel like the algorithm’s changing every single day. And it’s impossible to understand or even worse: it is made impossible to understand.

The only things I know are:
– keep your audience engaged and engage yourself
– keep your audience on the channel you are using
– follow the written rules
– don’t do “blackhat” stuff like for example buying likes/follows/comments or anything like that.

And still, I think I am missing some, probably important, factors of this algorithm thingy. Because sometimes engagement results are great and the next week they drop. But I did everything in the same pattern as the week before, engaged myself, followed the written rules and so on…Crazy.

What are your experiences with this unknown force? Do you have some advice for other readers of this article? Share it in the comments.

The fifth principle for what to do in social media marketing

That’s my favorite DO in this article. I hope you like it too. And it is not only my favorite one, it is also the easiest one for all of us:

what to do in social media marketing. be authentic.

Just be yourself! Be authentic!

Do not pretend you are….❌
Do not pretend you have…❌
Do not pretend you like…❌

Do and tell about those things which

you really like
which you experienced yourself
which are an important part of your life

You know, everyone of us has a little voice inside ourselves or inside our head, whispering:

…”this person is lying”

…”no, I don’t think he/she acts normally this way”

It is some kind of archetypal relict of our earliest predecessors. The original function of this “voice” was to tell them about possible dangerous situations or in what situations you should be cautious.

And when you are not yourself, i.e. not authentic, this voice inside your customers sees/hears/recognizes this and your customers or your audience will not believe you, will not trust you and will not follow you any more.

That’s it folks! Thanks for reading this article on what to do in social media marketing to have success. We (yes, me and the cat) wish you all a super purrrfect coming week and hope you stay tuned to our next week’s article on five dos and don’ts in paid advertising. Aaaand: don’t forget to share this with your friends: they’ll love you for that.

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