How To Generate Leads in Sales

How To Generate Leads in Sales

As an insurance agent, realtor, coach or affiliate marketer you need a way of how to generate leads in sales. Simply because for sales you need….yes: Customers. And for customers you need…., absolutely right: Leads

To get those leads you need contacts with people and in this article we will focus on the 3 Ways to get those contacts and, as a bonus, I will show you the tools I personally use to generate tons of leads for my business. Ready? OK, let’s go:

Here is way No 1 for How To Generate Leads in Sales

The first way is using organic traffic from your social media accounts and blogs, like for example Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, tik tok, blog, Pinterest and so on.

How to generate leads in Sales - use organic marketing to increase lead generation

How many times have you heard the words “do organic traffic”, “you can easily siphon your leads from your social media profiles”,”a facebook group is the best way to get your customers for free” and so on.

And how many times did any one want to have money from you for this “tipp”? By the way, did they use a paid ad to put the offer in front of you….? 😉

Now, without doubt, organic traffic can be very strong! And you can be very successful with it. But it is not “the easy way” and it is not “cheap” or doesn’t cost you anything….

If you want to do it right, either on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, tik tok, Pinterest, your own blog… have to know it takes time, concentration on one channel only (at least in the beginning), consistency and well done content with a huge amount of value for your followers to succeed in this.

And you need a strategy (when, what, why, where, how to post). And you need to know your audience (who are they, where are they, what do they need, what do they like). If you like to know more about successful strategies in social media, just take a look at this article here.

And above all that: you need to be sure that you are comfortable with the social media channel you chose and with its requirements, i.e the algorithm.

Because if you are not: you will not be consistent and your content will not be excellent. So the algorithm will punish you with less eyeballs on your content and…. You know how this ends.

So, here is the deal for successful organic marketing:

  1. Know your audience
  2. Define your strategy
  3. Produce excellent content with outstanding value
  4. Be consistent

And you will see: Success will come with organic traffic.

ahhhhh, something I forgot: if you like to do organic, don’t forget to to look for our next article in the coming week, when we talk about the do’s and don’ts.

Do you want to know the second way of how to generate leads in sales?

The second way is using paid traffic to your offers. There are many ways, the most common are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Google, Bing, taboola. What are the differences between these and how can you profit from them?

how to generate leads in sales
how to use paid traffic to increase lead generation

But before we talk about profit: paid traffic or ads are a fast way to get your offer in front of many people. Hooray, I can hear you scream. Yes! And as fast as you have your offer out there you can burn your money, flush it down the toilet or whatever analogy you like. If you don’t get things the right way you will simply lose money not make it. So the first step is: pay close attention 😉

OK, what are the key factors for getting paid traffic to your offers?
First you have to know: paid traffic is all about audiences and keywords

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are the specialists when it comes to targeting – that‘s setting your ads in front of the right audiences. You can choose to show your ads to people of whatever age, interests, hobbies, jobs etc. you want. Great. But beware: you not only have to know your audience so that you can target them.

You also have to know in which phase of the customer journey they are at the moment: cold (brrrrrr, they don’t know you or your offer and they don’t know if they really need whatever you offer), warm (they know you or have heard about you) or hot (they not only know you, they actually want to buy a product like the one you offer).

The best targeted and well made ads don’t work if you place them in front of cold audiences, because they don’t know you and therefore they don’t trust you and will simply scroll on.

So use it this way:

1 Introduce yourself and your offer to your cold audience,

2 Retarget them (how? There will be an article about this soon…) and show them your offer again, from another angle (warm audience)

3 retarget those who saw your warm audience ad (how? Yes you already know: stay tuned for one of the next articles) with a super thrilling ad

4 be happy about your sales 😉

On the other hand Google, Youtube and Bing or Banner ads are the real specialists for keyword-related ads.

So they show your ad to people who are looking for special keywords. This leads us to the conclusion:  you don’t need to start from absolutely cold audiences, because they are looking for a problem solution. So they are at least problem-aware, they are already warm.

The keywords you use in your ads should be laser targeted to your offer and the needs of your potential customers (How can you achieve this? Take a look at this software which will serve you the ideal customer avatar and the most successful keywords on a silver platter)

For audiences as well as keywords you may use video, image or text ads, the special secret formula for audiences is

1 video (cold) – 2 video (warm) – 3 image (hot)

OK, one last and very important thing: know and follow the rules of your ad platform, every single one of them has these rules. If you don’t follow the rules your ad account will be shut down faster than you can spell ad account. And most of the times the shut-down is until further notice, in another word: infinite!

There also is a third way to know how to generate leads in sales

The third way of lead generation for sales is the direct contact to your potential customers, via mail, email and phone. What? You don’t have a phone? Then please tell me:  how come you are on social media?? 😉

How to generate leads in sales
How to use direct contact for increasing lead generation

Seriously: you want to know, how direct contacts can lever your business?

„Yes“, you might say, „but does that mean I should call my potential customer? Directly?“

Well, that’s one way of direct contacting our prospects. The direct contact is for most people the most difficult way just because it’s the most uncomfortable one.

Now, let me tell you: it is also the most successful one, because regardless of what you are selling:

You are directly contacting human beings and how can you find out better what your customer really needs than when you are talking directly to them? By the way: if you have questions, contact me here

Before we go on and I forget this: Never, never ever do harass people via DM or in social media groups. This is an absolute NoGo, this is simply annoying!

There are much better ways, believe me and let me show you how. Do you know the 3 kinds of direct contact?

1 email-Marketing
2 direct mailing
3 phone calls

And you can use these with two audiences (remember? like with the paid ads some lines above):

– you have a list: they already know you
– you don’t have a list: they don’t know you

So, if you got a list you can do

– emailing
– direct mailing
– phone calling.

And if you don’t have a list, you can

– email them
– direct mail them
– call them via phone

Häh? but that’s the same ?! Yes, the medium is the same, how you address them varies. How? There will surely be an article on this here on this blog, so … come back soon and see 😉 Or if you do not have the time to wait: check out this absolutely amazing and affordable copywriting course.

And as a bonus you will now get all the tools you can use for the question of how to generate leads in sales, this will be amazing!

So what are the tools you can use for contacting your prospects?

For organic traffic you need to post consistently excellent content =
reliable value for your Customers.

There are two challenges:

1 consistent posting
2 valuable content

I’d like to show you a tool which manages both challenges for you and lets you post most valuable and actual content for your target group consistently in a somehow effortless way. And by the way… it’s the software I personally use. Take a look at this video and just click on it to get this straight away. I call it Social Media the Ninja Way.

When it comes to blogging and getting visitors to your blog you should use SEO, search engine optimization.

Some say SEO is dead, this could not be further from the truth.
Some say SEO is too complicated and too long-term.
Well, if you haven’t got the right tools, you are right with that.

But there are powerful tools out there, to look for the right keywords to use and to concentrate on the best audience. There are more beginner-friendly tools and there are very extensive and also expensive tools (with a huge amount of value inside!) out there. Here and now I would like to introduce you to a beginner-friendly and affordable tool. Just take a look at this video and the link.

For the Paid Traffic – I want to concentrate on addressing the hot audience. People who are in buyer mood and are likely to click on your ad and buy instantly. So welcome to the world of Google ads.

Now, there is one secret I didn’t tell you in the paid traffic section before: In order to really address the right and most effective keywords to get your prospects buying your product, you have to test some keyword combinations….

Now, this testing of several combinations of different keywords is the key to levered success in Google Ads. But, can you imagine that you have to put in … let’s say…. 30 variations of ads with different keywords…for just one offer?

Crazy, right? And for exactly this process there is a tool, an amazing solution which gives you back 10x its price, easily. Want to see more of this tool? Check out this link, I call this tool Google ads excellence

Don’t know any tools to make your business easier with direct contact? No problem, here you are:

If you have a list, the most effective tools you need to have are

– an autoresponder (to deliver your mails)
– good copywriting (to deliver your content in these mails)

I can recommend you those two magic tools I use to get my list super productive in sales.

I call them: Magic List Lifter,
Copywriting Magic.

And if you don’t have a list and you are just in the beginnings of your online marketing journey, be happy: The world is yours with one eays to use tool to get all the data you need:

– email Addresses
– phone numbers
– CEOs of companies
– Google Rating
– and so on…

Get your  “Leads Avalanche” tool here.

I like to end this article with two more ways to get more customers directly. You can use these instruments either if you have a list or not.

  1. Contests: Do you like to win? Sure you do! Nearly everybody likes to win and you can use this for your success. Write a mail to your list and give them a task: „Like my post on facebook and share it with two friends“, „get your free copy here“ and so on. And for those who do so: give away a vacation for those three subscribers who share the most. What? A vacation? 1000-3000 $ worth for just sharing my posts on facebook? Yes. Just take a look at this and see how easy and inexpensive this is.
  2. Affiliates: Help others to make money online. That’s the most powerful and satisfying tool you can use. Make others successful affiliates of quality products. And use a proven and tested free system to do so. And by the way: build a list of your own!  Like to know more? Click on this link and be part of an amazing community.

You do have questions? Do you like to know more about how to generate leads in sales? Put your questions in the comments and I will answer them. Or simply write a mail to  You like what you read? Then share this article, others will thank you.

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