How To Be Successful On YouTube, Instagram, TikTok | 6 Tips To Start and Grow Faster

How To Start and Grow Your Social Media Following Fast –

6 Evergreen Tipps

Long Time ago it used to be….

It used to be that you had to be famous to have a large following.

What I mean is that it’s the thing of the past, you needed to be an actor and athlete a musician, a singer to be famous and known. But, as I said it’s the thing of the past, you don’t need to be any of these to be famous in 2021. That’s where the power of social media kicks in.

now years ago, the famous Bollywood actor mr. Shahrukh Khan was asked. What do you think? Who will be the next superstar after you and guess what he said? That’S pretty interesting. He said that the next superstar would not come from Bollywood or Hollywood perhaps but would be from the general public. The next superstar would come from the social media.


They would have more connect with people, they would be more like and adored. Well, yes, he was so right with social media like YouTube, Instagram, tik-tok and many more. It’s your chance to become famous to millions of viewers out there. So how do you jump-start your success on social media? How do you become a viral sensation?

Well, that’s what we will talk about today. I will share with you six useful insights by the way there are many more, but these six are essential skills that would really help you to kickstart your journey on social media and achieve that unbounded, success and reach millions who are waiting to consume you well.

You are with me Torsten and my success blog and if you wanna see how I do on social media, just take a look at my accounts and pages:


The first step to kick-start your social media success is to get the basics right, no matter which platform you start with, be it YouTube: Instagram, Facebook, tik tok or any other platform. You need to have some basic skills. Now, I remember when I started with this 12 months ago, I took a long time to perfect my delivery, to perfect my editing skills.

You must understand how Social media truly works. For me it was more of a trial and error stuff in the beginning, but in 2021 things will change dramatically. The internet is growing even faster. Well, you now certainly have no time for trial and error anymore.

For example, if you are starting on YouTube or Instagram, where most of us are, you need to know some basic photography or filming skills how to handle the camera different camera angles, how to edit photos and videos. So how do you acquire these skills? Well, there are so many online platforms available today, where you could learn these skills for free, for example, YouTube where you can already watch us.


My blog is one of them, but on YouTube you would not always find content in a sequence, especially when you are starting from level one or even zero. So what do you do? First, don’t give up this early, even if there are obstacles in your way. And if there courses to go through for a few bucks: take them. For YouTube I can recommend you this course: it is called Tube Domination, just click here


You will get many useful tipps and advice for your successful start with YouTube.

so here is in particular that I am looking at, which is how to shoot videos on a phone. And if you see there are so many videos out here where it would really be helpful for each one of y’all to learn how to shoot on your phone. So let’s have a look at probably videography for beginner.

Now guys, Tube Domination is extremely affordable. And on top you can get access to an amazing community of people who all share the same goal: get eyeballs on your offers and social media accounts.

So, the first step is to get your basics right now.


Here is the second thing being unique and entertaining.

If you look at the most popular social media stars today, you will notice all of them have found a special niche to focus on whether it’s talking about technology like unbox therapy or the technical guru ji.

Someone who talks about fashion health, motivation, or growing your business like I do, they all have picked up something that they love to talk about. Now, that’s important, because if you start talking about something you are least interested in, you would certainly not put your heart in it.

For example, if I have to talk about cooking, which I am really bad at it, I am NOT doing justice to my audience. I mean I might do a few videos or photos and that’s about it. I will start losing interest and so will my audience as I would have not much to share about it. So you need to identify your niche or your area of interest to start with the biggest mistake people make when they start on social media. Is they pick up a category which generates a lot of views or likes understand? One thing your niche or your area of interest may have a smaller audience, but that would become your dedicated and loyal community who would love to watch what you are good at?


The next thing is to be consistent, and I know, that being consistent on social media could be challenging. Yes, you are possibly in college, are probably doing a nine-to-five job, putting out content consistently is quite a task for every one of us, but if you have to build your influence on social media, you have to be concerned. If you do not post stuff frequently, you will be out of sight, or I can say out of mind for your followers. Now social media is vast. It’s easy for your followers to just forget about you and if you are not consistent, you will soon be buried on social media.

Now, consistency does not only mean posting regularly. It also means content consistency. Now what does that really mean? In the first step? You have decided on your niche say your niche is talking about motivation and then suddenly you shift your focus on tech unboxing, that’s not consistency. Your audience is following you or subscribed to you, because you are a great person at motivating them, helping them with personal growth like we do on skillopedia. So why look confused and drive the audience away by changing your focus, focus on what you do the best and not on what gather more views, views and success would follow if you maintain consistency in your content. So remember friends, consistency is key.

Now, if you want to have real support with the consistency issue, try a scheduling software. And take one which gives you the possibility to connect all of your social media accounts, let you make bulk posts (what a relieve!) and even get brand new and up-to-date content for your special niche…every day. Interested, how this works? Well, just take a look here.


Here’s the next one: provide quality content. Now getting someone’s attention is different than holding someone’s attention. You might get someone’s attention on social media, but holding that attention and making people to keep following you is challenging just to be consistent.

You cannot upload anything out. Let’s talk about YouTube as it’s the most popular video platform. For example, your video might have a great title, a great thumbnail, but the actual content doesn’t appeal the audience. Well, they would leave after watching 10 to 20 percent of your video. Now, videos that are watched longer will be given higher ranking over those who have just abused and know great watch time. Eventually the video would die. now I have noticed this is the biggest mistake people make when they enter social media. They just see to grab attention rather than focusing on quality content. So if you work on the content and provide quality, I mean watching a ten minute video if your audience is going to take away something from that video.

You are a winner now understand you are competing with thousands of videos out there and if your content has quality over a period of time, you will create a loyal fanbase. Your fans would keep coming back to view your content. Now, quality videos don’t happen by accident. They are created with proper planning, so put some time in planning what should go out there. That would create value for your fans and for your followers now guys it’s important for you to know and engage your audience. You should be able to describe your audience with detail like how old are they? What would be they interested in? What are the words that will capture their attention? What exactly are they looking for like? Are they looking for comedy for education for fitness entertainment, because if you know what your audience expects, it’s just easy to fine-tune your content that matches their requirement now this sounds pretty simple, but many tend to just overlook it. So don’t assume you know everything research. And if you need a starting point for your first step: remember my tipp 1 and the link I gave you for TubeDomination.


Now, let’s talk about engagement now, if you want to become famous responding to comments and making videos or photo shoots based on audience, requests really helps to make you look approachable. Now this is a big difference.

You will see what social media stars as opposed to mainstream media, such as the television, Bollywood or Hollywood, are just a music and fashion celebs. Now social media stars have a reputation of being accessible and responsive to their audience. You know about them. What you plan to upload next ask them questions and answer them timely, the more they are engaged with you, the more they become your loyal fanbase. So it’s important for you to know your audience and engage with them. Answer their comments. And never forget to add a call-to-action at the beginning and the end of your videos, blogs, articles and posts. Just like me now: if you need support, just contact me šŸ˜‰


Now. Here is the most important thing that I personally believe in: be patient.

Most of you who start new on social media become very impatient. I mean the moment you post something you expect instant likes or instant views. Now you need to understand that people are yet to discover you don’t worry, they will find you. You need to focus on your efforts on how people would discover you on social media rather than being so impatient and checking your phone every other.

Second, to find out how many people have actually liked your stuff now, if it’s not discovered today, relax, it will be discovered tomorrow, just be patient. Now one mistake I have seen many newbies making on social media. Is that once they see that you know, social media is not going anywhere, they try to find easy means to grow their followers or subscribers. Now what I mean is that they end up buying audience now find followers, or subscribers will give you a dramatic boost on your social media. The growth graphs would look amazing, but you know you are actually putting your social media account at great risk. Do you think these social media companies are fools? I mean they know where and how is your growth coming buying followers or subscribers is against the policies of social media companies and your account is sure to shut now also buying audience won’t give you engagement on your posts or uploads. And engaged followers is what you want, because only with engaged followers you are able to monetize, right?

Imagine you would buy a thousand likes or hundred thousand views with no comments or likes on your video. I mean. Doesn’t that look strange? The audience is smart to differentiate that so guys stay away from these cheap stunts to grow your social media accounts and don’t put them at risk.

So here were the tips that I personally followed to grow and still growing my fan base on social media. And I really really hope that you would make use of them to kick-start your social media journey and showcase your talent out there, showcase your skills to millions of viewers out there. Please let me know in the comments how useful did you find this article and also, let me know if you want me to cover any specific topics that would really help you in your career, either in social media or in generating leads or growing your online business.

So friends, stay tuned to the next article that would help you survive and grow in this competitive social media age. If you you want me to cover another topic you are interested in: just contact me. You know my number and my name.


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