hight paying legal and financial services.


    • When you promote high-paying legal and financial services (or almost any other service), you earn more than WEEKLY Commissions of up to $1,500 for each paid service from helping to lower people’s taxes, save their homes, eliminate their debts, protect their assets, improve their credit, etc…  (see how and what each pays you), We also maximize your income through highly specialized integrated Automatic Cross Marketing Techniques…
      • ASN maximizes your return on marketing efforts by including related and often-needed services in your promoted pages.  In other words, we automatically insure that by promoting one needed service, you simultaneously promote related services that their original query indicates are probably also needed.  The result is that with every service you promote, you concurrently provide solutions to issues they almost certainly need to address and may not even know exist!  In other words, we automatically provide additional ways to affordably and effectively solve their problems, while at the same time maximizing your earnings. 
          • FOR EXAMPLE…
            Those who need assistance because they’ve been paying too much in taxes, often don’t realize that back taxes are often dischargeable in bankruptcy.  So you are, not only paid for the new tax services, but for the bankruptcy, they may need.
          • When you promote the FREE credit restoration system, you always earn, at least, 2 Profit Sharing Bonuses, when they request the free credit report that’s needed.   
            • Plus, often they decide they need professional service.  So you then also are paid a commission of $30 and earn another 20 points for profit sharing!  Profit Sharing Point Thresholds 
            • Often it is realized that due to their specific circumstances credit repair, will not achieve their long-term objectives.  Consequently, their best alternative may be to get a clean slate and start over with a bankruptcy.  If that’s the case, our network always provides the best service at the lowest cost.  And, of course, you are paid…  Your commission is $30 plus another 20 points which increases the number of profit-sharing bonuses you are paid.
          • When you promote home purchases, upon completion of the short form, they are automatically directed to this landing page. Again, we incorporate a number of Cross Marketing options.  Consequently, you often earn even if they don’t get a loan.
            • The first step of the purchase process is they get a free credit report.  That earns you 8 points

            �  If they have credit issues, we give them at no cost our premier credit repair manuals (usually $49.95).  If their issues are significant and they need to order our professional credit services, which happens very often, you more commissions and points.�   MORTGAGE REDUCTION– Did they contact us to refinance their home because they are facing possible foreclosure due to being behind in payments or want a refinance to lower their current payments?  Unfortunately, often and for many varied reasons, a full-blown refinance is simply impossible.  BUT YOU CAN STILL HELP! They don’t have to lose their home and you don’t have to lose your commission…   Even if they are currently in foreclosure, ASN’s Mortgage Reduction service can usually, delay the foreclosure for, at least, 2 to 3 months while in process, save their home, place all back payments on the end of the loan… and finally make their home affordable by lowering their payments by $500, $1,000 and $1,500 a month and more.  And you are paid from $300 to $500 plus, another 40 points just because your site referred them!  With ASN, it’s a fact… the more you help… the more you earn! Consider what happens to your income when your downline reaches 1,000… and that can easily be done within a few months…    Imagine a thousand people who now have an extra income that without you wouldn’t exist!  All because you gave them an opportunity to earn with ZERO investment… People all over the world,  all earning for free, and you earn every time they do!…   Working for themselves, earning their own commissions, building their own organizations, moving towards their own dreams, improving their own lives… and improving yours by doing it. Their lives become better because you shared… and because you shared, your life becomes better!

      • Remember, with ASN, you can get everything in life you want… if you help enough other people gets what they want.
        • ASN’s automatic Cross Marketing is just one of the countless ways ASN makes certain that anyone who follows and promotes the system is guaranteed to earn and grow… and the more of the system that’s implemented, the more you earn.  See your 6 Success Pillars
        • �   Sometimes credit position is such that their very best option is to get out of all existing debt and start over with bankruptcy.  That also pays you.

ASN really does work lightning fast, if it’s worked.

Here’s proof of how well our Auto Growth system works … 

How to approach a customer in sales via direct contacting

Whats the most powerful way of how to approach a new customer in sales? Direct contact! Nowhere else you do have more control, can you use all you know and can you address your leads more directly with all their wishes, needs and problems. And still, according to a Forbes statistics, 76% of leads never get contacted…. What?

Yes, entrepreneurs, marketers, coaches and agents are leaving big money on the table by simply ignoring the power of direct contact. In this article we are going to talk about dos and don’ts of direct marketing and we are starting with some myths and the truth, ready? OK, lets go.

Myths and Truth about how to approach a customer in sales via direct contacting

Myth: Direct Mailing is (too) expensive

Truth: Sure, it costs you more than a call and more than an email. But even if you have a well designed campaign with a fitting „gimmick“ for your audience, you will not pass 10$. For three customers you need about 100 Leads, if your campaign is really good. So what is a customer worth to you? What is the lifetime value of this customer for you? More than 333$? Then 10$ per lead is a bargain!

How to approach a customer in sales, learn about all the myths and the truth regarding direct contact

Another myth: Direct eMail does not work, no one opens my mails.

Truth: If you are prepared and get in contact with your leads before (how? Read on til you come to the part about preparation…) you mail them, and if you use best-practice copy for your mail and especially your subject line, you will get open-rates most marketers will never get, above 40%. It is good copy and testing what makes the difference.

Myth no3: Cold calling is useless, people don’t like to be contacted via phone anymore

Truth: Nowadays many marketers are really really really bad when it comes to calling their prospects. And if we are contacted with: „Hi my name is…, and do you wanna buy that…“ without asking anything and pitching with the second sentence we all are surely annoyed. So you have to have a good script and improve this steadily. You have to know which hook to use for your prospect. And for this you need to know your prospect and audience well. Wait….yes, there was an article on this topic not long ago, just take a look here

Myth: people don’t like to be contacted directly and it is very likely to be sued…

Truth: it is very uncomfortable to get in touch with someone you don’t know. I experienced this myself. And if you don’t know what to say or write, and if you are not clear about your solution and you never acquainted yourself with the needs of your audience, well, this bad feeling will never change. And this way, your audience will recognize within seconds, that you do not like to contact them and mirror this back to you.

You want to be successful in sales? Try to contact your customers directly.

Harassing People with DMs is not the right way of how to approach a customer in sales

Raise you hand if you already experienced this:

  1. You get a friend request from someone who is offering nearly the same solution as yours and directly with this friend request you are asked a question: „do you need more customers“ or „is there some space in your calendar to accept new clients“. And you ask yourself: did s/he read my profile data? Did s/he really look for a contact or did s/he only want to offer a product/service?
  2. You get a DM, without further information: „Do you want to grow your Following on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube“. And the profile sending this message has <10 Followers…
  3. You get a friend request and a message: „I want to connect with you, I don’t want to sell anything to you“ and when you accept the friend request you get a message like „is there some space in your calendar to accept new clients“….
How to approach a customer in sales. Do not harass people on social media

Now, please be honest: how did you feel? Annoyed? I did. Many times.

And I am still annoyed about these complete !#+#%! doing this. Why? As I already said: direct contact is the most profitable way of getting in touch with your clients. But if there are such morons out there, annoying people around the world, this amazing way of contacting new customers will get more difficult day by day.

Additionally there is no need for this harassment. You can inform yourself about your prospects before you contact them. In most profiles of business owners on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram they write what they do and what they like and what their struggles and achievements are.

I know: this takes time… but seriously: our job as salespeople – and every entrepreneur is sales person No1 for his/her company – is to know our audience!!

So there is no excuse for harassing people with any kind of contact. Do your job first and then go and contact your prospects!

Did you experience 1, 2, 3 or another form of harassment? What was your answer? Tell me in the comments.

Three magic words for the right way of how to approach a customer in sales via direct contact: Know, Like, Trust

These words are the basis for a good relationship: be this personal or business relationships. And this applies to contacting your prospects as well. Especially when you are contacting your new customers directly.

how to approach a customer in sales, better be prepared so that your customers know like and trust you

Without Know, Like and Trust there will be no sale. Without Know, Like and Trust there even will be no real contact.

So how do the customers get to know, like and trust you, when it is the first time
they hear or see from you?

Short recap: Skipping the necessary work by not informing yourself about your prospects and pitching with the first contact are NOT the right moves to be known, liked and trusted, right?

The best is to do the exact opposite: be prepared, be informed, let your prospects know that you value them and their time.

A detailed step-by-step description for this process is an article for itself. For now I will focus on a short list of steps. If you want the detailed information and don’t want to wait for the relevant article to come: just DM me and you will get them for FREE. You’re welcome!


1 Focus on one niche
2 Focus on one problem people in this niche have
3 Focus on the one solution you can give to them
4 Go where people in your niche are
5 Make a list of the first 100 ideal customers for you
6 Get informations about those 100 (social media groups/pages/profiles/accounts, website, websearch)
7 Get your script or copy (phone or e/mail) ready, and your FAQ
8 Focus on WIIFT and how they get it with your solution
9 Fill-in personal informations about the customer (in the script)
9 Take massive action: contact them all!

The better prepared you are the more success you will have. Like this? I hope so… If not, tell me in the comments and also tell my why not 😉

What happens if you chose the wrong tools for how to approach a customer in sales?

Your Account is shut-down! You do not have access to your lists or subscribers anymore!

how to approach a customer in sales, use the right tools for direct contacting

This happens if you use your autoresponder i.e. active campaign, getresponse, mailchimp, aweber, infusionsoft or any other autoresponder tool for sending out cold direct email.

So please, don’t do that. Autoresponders are not for cold emailing. They are for your subscribers (double-opt-in in most countries on earth!) and your customers. They are for emails, be this sequences or broadcasts, to those persons who gave their OK to you that they want to be contacted by you.

When your autoresponder realizes that you are sending out emails to unknown people through spam complaints for example, the system will punish you with shutting down your account. That means: no more access to your own lists and no more access to your own subscribers.

Short Value-Tipp: always and regularly export and save your lists from your autoresponder…. Just in case, you know?

Cold emailing, if it’s done the right way, is very profitable and successful. But how can you send many mails to many people and how can you automate this process, WITHOUT using an autoresponder?

Here’s the solution: there are mailing platforms that specialize on sending cold emails.

Some of them limit the sending amounts, just like standard autoresponders, some of them just send out your mails without checking your sender reputation (what the heck is this?? Watch out for a new blog article, or just: contact me), most of them don’t check if your email list contains valid email-addresses.

But a few of them give you all: sequences, broadcasts, sender verification, integration of gmail and outlook, list cleaning tools, tracking tools, UNLIMITED emails and so on. I checked them out and if you want to profit from cold emailing, if you want to profit from my personal experience with these tools, just contact me. I will provide you with my personal reviews. You will love it.

Ready for the best way of how to approach a customer in sales via direct contacting?

It is turning your cold audience into a warm audience or possible buyers.

how to approach a customer in sales, how to turn cold audiences in buyers

Let’s finish our direct contact article with a statistic:

Did you know that only 3% of people on social media and the web are looking for an instant solution of a problem? Those 3% are the so called hot audience.

And everyone wants to get their offer right in front of this buyers audience…

This means for you:
1) Amount of buyers relatively small,
2) competition in this field absolutely high!

How can you avoid this situation?

First: use direct contact and use it consistently, i.e. if you already have a list of customers and subscribers (aka the warm and hot audience), stay in touch with them, every day, by email, phone and mail.

The most easy way to do this, is to write an email sequence and inform your customers about interesting things and things they really need to know about you, your niche and your expertise. You don’t have to offer them any product with these mails, just give them valuable informations and show them you are their expert for…. Whatever your niche is.

Do you like to hear a funny or rather sad but real story about this? As you all know I am in insurance business for over 25 years now. And I am helping my colleagues around the world in getting new customers and raise cross-selling-rates for over one year. And not one of them had daily, or at least weekly contact with their customers!

In other words, they had a list (every online marketer would scream with excitement) but they didn’t use it and in the end, this list or rather the amazing value of this list died… And the same agents are wondering why their customers don’t buy the accidential care insurance when they get a marketing email from the insurance company…

Second: Go for the 97% and again use direct contacting for that. Yes, I know, cold audience means the „hard way“. But did you ever think about a way how to turn this cold audience into a warm audience? And how to automate this? Naturally you have to develop copywriting skills or a very good first contact phone script. And you have to give value before you offer something to your prospects. You remember „know-like-trust“?

But nearly all of this can be put in place automatically, so that you are perceivable  as an expert for your target audience with low effort and you can focus on talking and engaging with your prospects on a personal level. Every single agent I coached last year tripled their cross-selling-rates just by doing this.

Now it’s up to you: What is your favorite way of how to approach a customer in sales? And would you like to know more about how you can use the amazing advantages of direct contacting? You can do this on your own or you just set a (free) strategy call with me on this topic via this link. Either way: I wish you a lot of success and a great weekend. And stay tuned for the next article.

Paid advertising marketing strategy

Let’s talk about the five most important steps in your paid advertising marketing strategy. We will start with the foundation: Mandatory steps which you don’t wanna skip if you don’t want to burn money with your paid traffic. And we will end with top notch steps that separate the most successful marketers from those who just survive the steady change of channels and algorithms. Those last steps will not only save you money, they will 10x your conversion rates.

Your first step in your paid advertising marketing strategy

I am a big fan of ABBA and their amazing music. So it is no coincidence that it is one of their songs which comes to my mind when I think of Step 1. In „The Winner Takes it All“ there is a verse  which says “But what can I say, RULES must be obeyed.”

Foundation of paid advertising marketing strategy:
In any case follow the rules

Yes, and that’s the truth for paid traffic too. If you like it or not, when you are using paid advertising for your business, you are playing on someone else’s playground, be this Facebook, Google, Twitter or any other channel.

Because, if you don’t play by the rules: your account will be closed down and the key is thrown away, probably forever. Even big spenders in paid online marketing suffer(ed) from this procedure. There is no exception from these rules.

Now there are people who want to show you in (expensive) courses how to avoid the big ban, want to show you workarounds, offer you tricks and tipps to get your account back and so on. But in the end it’s always the same: read the rules first and then create your ad (image and text) afterwards.

Also make sure that your business credentials are in order in your ad account: Domains must be registered and verified, credit card must be valid and the platform – Facebook, Google etc. –  have has all contact details of your company.

And if you have the slightest feeling of insecurity that something in your ad could be against a rule, just remember the old saying of your time at school:

If in doubt, leave it out!

Take a look at Step 2 of the best paid advertising marketing strategy

This really applies to anything in online marketing. Not only for paid ads, but also for email marketing, funnels and organic content.

Part 2 of paid advertising marketing strategy:
Test all and everything

Test, test, test and test again. For Facebook ads it is testing:

Different Images and/or videos
Different “Headlines”
Different copy (short, long, introduction, end)
Different Audiences (interests, jobs, ages etc.)
Different locations.

For Google Ads it is testing:

Different Keywords
Different Keyword combinations and long tail keywords
Different headlines
Different price bids and some more….

That may sound a little elaborate but it is worth it or to say it this way: How do you want to know what works best if you don’t test it. And when you see which headline works best, use this and tweak a copy of this successful headline to run the next test. Again and again and again. So don’t waste your money, use it only for your best working ads.

What is step 3 of your best paid advertising marketing strategy?

Who is your ideal customer? And What is their most urging problem?

best paid advertising strategy part 3: target the right audience

If you don’t have an answer to those two questions, you are absolutely lost. And as a consequence: Don’t spend any money on paid ads!!! Because there is better use for your money than burning it.

So do your homework and find your perfect customer avatar:

– how old are they
– what job do they have
– what hobbies do they have
– are they living in rural or urban areas
– where do they hang out
– what do they like
– what is their income
– do they have kids

and a bunch of further questions. And if you have this avatar, ask the second question: What is their most urging problem, the problem that YOU can solve with your offer? What do they need that you have?

And the rest? very simple and easy: Go where your avatar hangs out and offer them your solution.

As a first step take a look at your own posting timeline: Did you write and talk about your customers’ problems? Did you solve those problems? No? OK, go back to square 1.

Paid advertising marketing strategy: Step 4

You wanna know where to earn top dollar with paid traffic? Track all your marketing activities! And in any case track the results of your paid advertising.

paid advertising marketing strategy. Part 4: Track your customer's journey

Use pixels and tags to put cookies in the bag of your prospects and customers. And follow their way through your sales process:

How many clicks on your ad lead to how many opt-ins on your leadpage,
lead to how many front-end sales,
lead to how many OTO-sales

How many video views lead to clicks on your link,
lead to optins on your leadpage and so on.

Only if you know the numbers you can control the game. So get your pixels in place before you start advertising and learn how to evaluate your results.

Need help with this? No problem: you know who you may ask for support, right? Just click on this link and ask your questions.

Final step of your most successful paid advertising marketing strategy

The one most successful step with paid traffic strategies: Use Retargeting. Why? And even more important: How? Well, I am here to help, so let’s go trough this together.

paid advertising marketing strategy:
Part 5, Use retargeting

1) Why: Remember the customer journey we talked about in one of the former articles on this blog (link) ? From cold to warm to hot audiences?

From them not-knowing about you and your solution or even not-knowing about the problem they have to “I want to have this solution right now!”?

In order to know, when you have to address them with which kind of copy, image, video and offer you have to know, in which phase of this customer journey they are and re-target them in this exact place with the right approach. This will increase your chance for sales to an amazing 10X.

2) How: Take a look at Step 4.Track your customers journey through your funnel. And use the cookies you gave them to address them with this one kind of ad which suits their actual need: If they opted in but didn’t buy: let Facebook deliver your ad for warm audience to them. If they were already on your sales page and saw your offer, let Facebook show them your ad for the hot audience… OK?

Now, there are many further ways to target and retarget audiences, so that you get the maximum success for the amount you paid. Take a look at this link where you will find many amazing tools I personally use every day. And these tools will make your life much much much easier.

That’s it again folks! Thanks for reading this article on the best paid advertising marketing strategy for your business.I hope you got some valuable informations. Don’t hesitate for ask your questions in the comments below. And stay tuned to our next week’s article on five dos and don’ts of direct contacting your prospects. Aaaand: don’t forget to share this with your friends: they’ll love you for that.

What To Do in Social Media Marketing

Today I want to focus on five things, dos and don’ts, to show you what to do in social media marketing to have success. The list is not complete, but it covers the core principles. If you are missing something very important to you: in the comments there is much space to tell me 😉

When I look at all the questions and comments I got during last year’s coachings, then there is one thing which is a very big DO. And that is to provide value.

what to do in social media marketing. provide value for your audience.

Providing value as principle No 1 for what to do in social media marketing

Unfortunately most people fail with this. Why? That’s easy to explain and obviously hard to implement, if you don’t do your homework. Because for giving out this value you have to be clear about two crucial things:

Who is your customer?
What is of value to them?

So when we are talking about providing value we are first and foremost talking about your customer. And we all can see that most people fail with this, because there are only a few who really succeed in Social media or in Marketing and Sales in general, right?

On the other hand: if you know your customers and know their needs and their most urging problems you also know what is of utmost value for them. So that will not only be the foundation for your success, it will also make your life much easier.

So, my first tipp for you: Get to know what your customers want and give it to them, and do so on social media too. Like to have a tool that gives you a perfect customer avatar and where to find them in just a few seconds? Take a look here.

Or simply ask a question, like for example: What are the most important Do’s and Do not’s in social media for you ? Let me know in the comments.

Always use a CTA – a call to action – Principle No 2 for What to do in social media marketing

The magic word here is CTA or Call to Action. Without call to action, there is no engagement from your social media visitors. And you already know the reason why or have heard of this before.

what to do in social media marketing. Engage your audience

If you don’t know and don’t say what your customers should do on your post or on your website, why should they know?? It is as short and simple as this.

So, let’s get this done! What do you think is the best method to engage your audience? Just contact me through this link and tell me. And don’t forget to share this article on “What to do in social media marketing” with your friends. They will love you for that.

Guiding principle No 3 for what to do in social media marketing to have success is Consistency

Success is a marathon, it is not a sprint! Even a sprint stars, like Usain Bolt for example, who has won a ton of medals, nearly all GOLD, and has set many (unbroken) records in sprint competitions but he had to work on a consistently high level over a long period of time to succeed.

What to do in social media marketing. Be consistent

For social media it is the same: you have to provide the value (know your customer!) and ask for engagement (CTA) every single day or at least in a reliable rhythm, like for example every second day.

So consistency has three components:
– value
– engagement
– reliability

What is consistency for you? Tell me in the comments.

Now we come to the hardest part of what to do in social media marketing to be successful

At least this is the hardest part for me. Not only hard to describe, but also to follow. Do you know what I am talking about? Yes: the algorithm.

Sometimes I feel like the algorithm’s changing every single day. And it’s impossible to understand or even worse: it is made impossible to understand.

The only things I know are:
– keep your audience engaged and engage yourself
– keep your audience on the channel you are using
– follow the written rules
– don’t do “blackhat” stuff like for example buying likes/follows/comments or anything like that.

And still, I think I am missing some, probably important, factors of this algorithm thingy. Because sometimes engagement results are great and the next week they drop. But I did everything in the same pattern as the week before, engaged myself, followed the written rules and so on…Crazy.

What are your experiences with this unknown force? Do you have some advice for other readers of this article? Share it in the comments.

The fifth principle for what to do in social media marketing

That’s my favorite DO in this article. I hope you like it too. And it is not only my favorite one, it is also the easiest one for all of us:

what to do in social media marketing. be authentic.

Just be yourself! Be authentic!

Do not pretend you are….❌
Do not pretend you have…❌
Do not pretend you like…❌

Do and tell about those things which

you really like
which you experienced yourself
which are an important part of your life

You know, everyone of us has a little voice inside ourselves or inside our head, whispering:

…”this person is lying”

…”no, I don’t think he/she acts normally this way”

It is some kind of archetypal relict of our earliest predecessors. The original function of this “voice” was to tell them about possible dangerous situations or in what situations you should be cautious.

And when you are not yourself, i.e. not authentic, this voice inside your customers sees/hears/recognizes this and your customers or your audience will not believe you, will not trust you and will not follow you any more.

That’s it folks! Thanks for reading this article on what to do in social media marketing to have success. We (yes, me and the cat) wish you all a super purrrfect coming week and hope you stay tuned to our next week’s article on five dos and don’ts in paid advertising. Aaaand: don’t forget to share this with your friends: they’ll love you for that.

How To Generate Leads in Sales

As an insurance agent, realtor, coach or affiliate marketer you need a way of how to generate leads in sales. Simply because for sales you need….yes: Customers. And for customers you need…., absolutely right: Leads

To get those leads you need contacts with people and in this article we will focus on the 3 Ways to get those contacts and, as a bonus, I will show you the tools I personally use to generate tons of leads for my business. Ready? OK, let’s go:

Here is way No 1 for How To Generate Leads in Sales

The first way is using organic traffic from your social media accounts and blogs, like for example Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, tik tok, blog, Pinterest and so on.

How to generate leads in Sales - use organic marketing to increase lead generation

How many times have you heard the words “do organic traffic”, “you can easily siphon your leads from your social media profiles”,”a facebook group is the best way to get your customers for free” and so on.

And how many times did any one want to have money from you for this “tipp”? By the way, did they use a paid ad to put the offer in front of you….? 😉

Now, without doubt, organic traffic can be very strong! And you can be very successful with it. But it is not “the easy way” and it is not “cheap” or doesn’t cost you anything….

If you want to do it right, either on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, tik tok, Pinterest, your own blog…..you have to know it takes time, concentration on one channel only (at least in the beginning), consistency and well done content with a huge amount of value for your followers to succeed in this.

And you need a strategy (when, what, why, where, how to post). And you need to know your audience (who are they, where are they, what do they need, what do they like). If you like to know more about successful strategies in social media, just take a look at this article here.

And above all that: you need to be sure that you are comfortable with the social media channel you chose and with its requirements, i.e the algorithm.

Because if you are not: you will not be consistent and your content will not be excellent. So the algorithm will punish you with less eyeballs on your content and…. You know how this ends.

So, here is the deal for successful organic marketing:

  1. Know your audience
  2. Define your strategy
  3. Produce excellent content with outstanding value
  4. Be consistent

And you will see: Success will come with organic traffic.

ahhhhh, something I forgot: if you like to do organic, don’t forget to to look for our next article in the coming week, when we talk about the do’s and don’ts.

Do you want to know the second way of how to generate leads in sales?

The second way is using paid traffic to your offers. There are many ways, the most common are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Google, Bing, taboola. What are the differences between these and how can you profit from them?

how to generate leads in sales
how to use paid traffic to increase lead generation

But before we talk about profit: paid traffic or ads are a fast way to get your offer in front of many people. Hooray, I can hear you scream. Yes! And as fast as you have your offer out there you can burn your money, flush it down the toilet or whatever analogy you like. If you don’t get things the right way you will simply lose money not make it. So the first step is: pay close attention 😉

OK, what are the key factors for getting paid traffic to your offers?
First you have to know: paid traffic is all about audiences and keywords

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are the specialists when it comes to targeting – that‘s setting your ads in front of the right audiences. You can choose to show your ads to people of whatever age, interests, hobbies, jobs etc. you want. Great. But beware: you not only have to know your audience so that you can target them.

You also have to know in which phase of the customer journey they are at the moment: cold (brrrrrr, they don’t know you or your offer and they don’t know if they really need whatever you offer), warm (they know you or have heard about you) or hot (they not only know you, they actually want to buy a product like the one you offer).

The best targeted and well made ads don’t work if you place them in front of cold audiences, because they don’t know you and therefore they don’t trust you and will simply scroll on.

So use it this way:

1 Introduce yourself and your offer to your cold audience,

2 Retarget them (how? There will be an article about this soon…) and show them your offer again, from another angle (warm audience)

3 retarget those who saw your warm audience ad (how? Yes you already know: stay tuned for one of the next articles) with a super thrilling ad

4 be happy about your sales 😉

On the other hand Google, Youtube and Bing or Banner ads are the real specialists for keyword-related ads.

So they show your ad to people who are looking for special keywords. This leads us to the conclusion:  you don’t need to start from absolutely cold audiences, because they are looking for a problem solution. So they are at least problem-aware, they are already warm.

The keywords you use in your ads should be laser targeted to your offer and the needs of your potential customers (How can you achieve this? Take a look at this software which will serve you the ideal customer avatar and the most successful keywords on a silver platter)

For audiences as well as keywords you may use video, image or text ads, the special secret formula for audiences is

1 video (cold) – 2 video (warm) – 3 image (hot)

OK, one last and very important thing: know and follow the rules of your ad platform, every single one of them has these rules. If you don’t follow the rules your ad account will be shut down faster than you can spell ad account. And most of the times the shut-down is until further notice, in another word: infinite!

There also is a third way to know how to generate leads in sales

The third way of lead generation for sales is the direct contact to your potential customers, via mail, email and phone. What? You don’t have a phone? Then please tell me:  how come you are on social media?? 😉

How to generate leads in sales
How to use direct contact for increasing lead generation

Seriously: you want to know, how direct contacts can lever your business?

„Yes“, you might say, „but does that mean I should call my potential customer? Directly?“

Well, that’s one way of direct contacting our prospects. The direct contact is for most people the most difficult way just because it’s the most uncomfortable one.

Now, let me tell you: it is also the most successful one, because regardless of what you are selling:

You are directly contacting human beings and how can you find out better what your customer really needs than when you are talking directly to them? By the way: if you have questions, contact me here

Before we go on and I forget this: Never, never ever do harass people via DM or in social media groups. This is an absolute NoGo, this is simply annoying!

There are much better ways, believe me and let me show you how. Do you know the 3 kinds of direct contact?

1 email-Marketing
2 direct mailing
3 phone calls

And you can use these with two audiences (remember? like with the paid ads some lines above):

– you have a list: they already know you
– you don’t have a list: they don’t know you

So, if you got a list you can do

– emailing
– direct mailing
– phone calling.

And if you don’t have a list, you can

– email them
– direct mail them
– call them via phone

Häh? but that’s the same ?! Yes, the medium is the same, how you address them varies. How? There will surely be an article on this here on this blog, so … come back soon and see 😉 Or if you do not have the time to wait: check out this absolutely amazing and affordable copywriting course.

And as a bonus you will now get all the tools you can use for the question of how to generate leads in sales, this will be amazing!

So what are the tools you can use for contacting your prospects?

For organic traffic you need to post consistently excellent content =
reliable value for your Customers.

There are two challenges:

1 consistent posting
2 valuable content

I’d like to show you a tool which manages both challenges for you and lets you post most valuable and actual content for your target group consistently in a somehow effortless way. And by the way… it’s the software I personally use. Take a look at this video and just click on it to get this straight away. I call it Social Media the Ninja Way.


When it comes to blogging and getting visitors to your blog you should use SEO, search engine optimization.

Some say SEO is dead, this could not be further from the truth.
Some say SEO is too complicated and too long-term.
Well, if you haven’t got the right tools, you are right with that.

But there are powerful tools out there, to look for the right keywords to use and to concentrate on the best audience. There are more beginner-friendly tools and there are very extensive and also expensive tools (with a huge amount of value inside!) out there. Here and now I would like to introduce you to a beginner-friendly and affordable tool. Just take a look at this video and the link.

For the Paid Traffic – I want to concentrate on addressing the hot audience. People who are in buyer mood and are likely to click on your ad and buy instantly. So welcome to the world of Google ads.

Now, there is one secret I didn’t tell you in the paid traffic section before: In order to really address the right and most effective keywords to get your prospects buying your product, you have to test some keyword combinations….

Now, this testing of several combinations of different keywords is the key to levered success in Google Ads. But, can you imagine that you have to put in … let’s say…. 30 variations of ads with different keywords…for just one offer?

Crazy, right? And for exactly this process there is a tool, an amazing solution which gives you back 10x its price, easily. Want to see more of this tool? Check out this link, I call this tool Google ads excellence

Don’t know any tools to make your business easier with direct contact? No problem, here you are:

If you have a list, the most effective tools you need to have are

– an autoresponder (to deliver your mails)
– good copywriting (to deliver your content in these mails)

I can recommend you those two magic tools I use to get my list super productive in sales.

I call them: Magic List Lifter,
Copywriting Magic.

And if you don’t have a list and you are just in the beginnings of your online marketing journey, be happy: The world is yours with one eays to use tool to get all the data you need:

– email Addresses
– phone numbers
– CEOs of companies
– Google Rating
– and so on…

Get your  “Leads Avalanche” tool here.

I like to end this article with two more ways to get more customers directly. You can use these instruments either if you have a list or not.

  1. Contests: Do you like to win? Sure you do! Nearly everybody likes to win and you can use this for your success. Write a mail to your list and give them a task: „Like my post on facebook and share it with two friends“, „get your free copy here“ and so on. And for those who do so: give away a vacation for those three subscribers who share the most. What? A vacation? 1000-3000 $ worth for just sharing my posts on facebook? Yes. Just take a look at this and see how easy and inexpensive this is.
  2. Affiliates: Help others to make money online. That’s the most powerful and satisfying tool you can use. Make others successful affiliates of quality products. And use a proven and tested free system to do so. And by the way: build a list of your own!  Like to know more? Click on this link and be part of an amazing community.

You do have questions? Do you like to know more about how to generate leads in sales? Put your questions in the comments and I will answer them. Or simply write a mail to torsten@torstenschardt.com.  You like what you read? Then share this article, others will thank you.

How To Be Successful in Insurance Sales

Many of especially younger colleagues but also the experienced ones who followed my success journey over the last years ask me „Torsten, tell me,  How To Be Successful in Insurance Sales , just like you are?“ And this question has become even more relevant when you look at the economic damage which the pandemic caused in nearly every industry in our world. And before we come to  some basic tipps on how you can model my success in insurance sales I would like to hand over a special gift for you: If Covid or any other following crisis struck your business just take a look at my case study on this topic right here. You will be able to switch your business to success again in very short time. You will enjoy, I can promise you!

Here is Part 1 of How To Be Successful in Insurance Sales

Did you ever ask yourself why some of our colleagues seem to achieve their sales figures and goals somehow easily and effortless? Whilst most of the other colleagues, with probably you in this group, are struggling and getting under pressure of their insurance company. Let me tell you: there is an answer to this question and there is a solution to your problem.

But before I explain the three pillars of success to you let me shortly introduce myself. My name is Torsten Schardt and I’m in insurance business for over 25 years now. But why should you listen to me or read what I write here?  Now, my experience is huge, I’d like to say that I got a nearly 360 Degree perspective of our job. Not only that I have achieved sales figures – as a solo agent! – of nearly a million Euro in commissions per year. I also worked „on the other side“ , as a managing director for a German insurance company. So you can expect tipps from me that will help you to be successful in your view but also on terms of your company so that you can achieve not only more sales but also more indepence from the expectations of your insurance company. And although I was member of the top sales clubs in every company I had a contract with, there were dark times for me too.

It’s about eight years ago that I lost the contract with my insurance company and therefore all my clients, all my recurring commissions and more, simply because of a really bad choice of business partners some 20 years ago. So, you see: I know what I am talking about when it comes to success and how to be successful in insurance sales even after you have to start from scratch again. And if you want to know every detail and every step to take to achieve this success in sales, just grab my book. You can buy it on amazon or simply get it here for free and only cover shipping.

How To Be Successful in Insurance Sales

Learn Part 2 of How To Be Successful in Insurance Sales

Now, let’s get to the point. What do you have to do? What is it that the really successful colleagues in our industry and btw also in other industries are doing? Are you ready to hear the secrets? OK, I will come to them in a second. Let me just tell you, what are NO relevant factors for your success. First: it is not your insurance product. Neither the quality nor the price of it. Why? Now, there are a lot of overprized and bad products out there, right? And they are still selling and some of them are selling like crazy. Second: it is not Ressources, there are people out there making money from their bedroom with only a laptop or there are people just starting in our business and having immediate and sustainable success. And third: it is not that you are treated unfair by your customers or by your company. Well, perhaps that might be the case some of the times… but this treatment is not the reason for others to be more successful than you. Simply because we all get treated badly time after time, you know?

Here are the real three pillars of success and you might be surprised or disappointed. Because, even if you could label them as the three „secret“ pillars, they are obvious and so simple (but not easy) that I heard some of our colleagues say: No, that cant’t be all… But that’s it. So, let me name the pillars and then go into detail in part 3 of this article. Firstly you have to know your ideal customer. With this first point most of us fail. Then you have to offer the right solution to your customer. Again, if you fail in Step 1, this will be not achievable for you. And third: you will have to go where your clients are to sell this fitting solution to them. Yes, Sales is our job. And it’s a very important job, because we cover risks for our customers, risks they don’t want to cover or take themselves. For the complete sales process, beginning with the identification of the ideal customer up to the point where to find them, we offer you laser-targeted tools. If you want to take a look, go to this page.

How To Be Successful in Insurance Sales

´What is Part 3 of How To Be Successful in Insurance Sales?

Step one of Part 3: who is your ideal customer. Most of the time we see insurance agents running around (if they are still running…), trying to sell insurance contracts/products. When was the last time you saw a customer begging for an insurance contract? Is „never“ close enough a guess? Nearly no one and this applies to my customers too, nearly no one likes insurance or wants to buy insurance contracts. But they all want solutions for their problems. What these solutions might be, we will cover in Pillar two. Now we have to know…right… the problem. You only know the problem of your customer, when and if you know him/her. So the first thing you should do is to find out, what is the problem you can solve with your special product. Then you think about who might have this kind of problem. And think about this potential customer in detail: Age, Job, Interests, Marital status, Gender, Income, even hobbies and so on. The more detailed you are the more likely your success is. If you have troubles with this exercise, and I experienced there are many colleagues with such problems, do not hesitate to contact us. We love to support you.

How To Be Successful in Insurance Sales

So now you know your customer and their most urging problem. Pillar Two is that you provide a solution for this problem. And to say this clearly: An insurance contract is not a solution. At least your customer will not see this as a solution. The contract you are selling is only the vehicle for the solution… Here is an example for this: Your customers might not want to have a life insurance. But when they look at their children and think about their education, their home, their chances in life, they will recognize: „My children will need money if I am gone….“ Yes, that is the solution: you are providing a safe future with education, home and chances for their children, if they suddenly die. Btw, the only question left to ask is: „has your best friends children too?“ and so on… I hope, getting referals is normal for you. If not, just contact us here. We will provide you with every kind of training you will possibly need, also for the next pillar.

How To Be Successful in Insurances Sales

And now we come to pillar #3 of  How To Be Successful in Insurance Sales and this is all about getting the right clients for your special niche. There are three ways to generate leads for your insurance business, all of them work, together they are sales success on steorids. But all of them require that you have done step one and two before, OK? First you can simply advertise. Especially in todays world with online advertisement it is far cheaper and much much more targeted to get your leads and customers this way. With our secret weapon you can even legally spy on your competitors and on what works best for your niche. For more information on this amazing tool, click this link. Next you can go the way of attraction marketing on social media. Uuuuh…. yes I know, many failed with this. Because it needs content, consistency and concept behind this. What if you could get all of this with a proven and tested system DONE FOR YOU, so that you only need to arrange for closing those customers. And if you don’t want to close them personally it would even be possible to do so in an online process. Interested? Very good, register for our webinar on this topic here. And now imagine that you could directly address your ideal customer AT THE RIGHT TIME with way number three of our concept. Not possible? Sure it is! We are doing this every day. We are scanning the market day by day, hour by hour for customers asking for solutions in our special niche (pension schemes). And you can apply this for any insurance. Do you need much time for that? No, because a software does all the heavy lifting for us. It searches for entries in every forum of every possible platform. And it searches for phrases like: „do you know a good lawyer for….“ Cool, isn’t it? And very very affordable on top! What are you paying for your leads today? If you can get some…. Now this software also covers other topics, like reputation management for example. Indeed, you can provide for your own reputation and for new clients, that is a good deal. If you want to have a closer look at this amazing tool, just click here. And that’s it folks. Three pillars for your success in insurance sales. If you enjoyed please leave a comment and if not, just contact us and tell us what we can make better. We like to develop and grow every day. To your Success, Torsten

Case Study reveals: How To Increase Your Insurance Sales in Crisis

Scandal? Insurance Agent reveals secret 3-Step Process how COVID helped double Sales Figures in 6 Weeks      

What are the most urging problems for insurance agents in this crisis?

PART A Far too less client/appointments 

A.1 Whats your status 

So you suffer from a decrease or even a dramatic decrease in sales figures?

You experience an increase in cancellation rates? 

This all leads to the danger of not achieving your or your companies goals? 

First let me acknowledge you: With reading this article of “how to use COVID as an accelerator for your sales success” you did the right first step. 

Now you will learn the proven 3-Step-System and its toolbox  for what and how to do when COVID struck your business. 

Would you like to know more why and how this system will help you if you take action? 

OK, then, let me show you the proven 3-Step-system that already helped so many of our collegues around the world. 

Before we come to this, let me shortly introduce myself: 

My name is Torsten Schardt, and i am not only helping other colleagues to multiply their sales figures but am in insurance business for nearly 30 years now,

so I know the situation you are in at the moment and all the dire consequences which may be the result of a crash in sales figures for example.

But the most important thing for you to know: the system you get to know is not theory, it is the result of my experience and it is the secret for my success in our industry.

OK now, ready to hear how to get back on track? lets go:

First you have to know exactly what your status is. That sounds easy, right?

But to be crystal clear: this is one of the most underestimated topics in our industry. It is not only the bad situation you are in at this moment but first and foremost your market and your assets.

Question marks on your face: I can see them while I’m writing this;-))


OK, your market consists of your clients and the places where your clients are. You have to know who your clients are, what their problems are,  what’s their most urging problem right now and where can you find and get in contact with them. 

Your assets are what you may offer your clients as solution for their problem, and the solution consits of the benefits your products give to your clients. 

Now you might think: but Torsten, I know my clients and I know their needs. Yes, and believe me that I know that 90 percent of our colleagues just try to offer products to their clients instead of solutions, they make offers to whatever client (known or not) and wonder why they face so much rejection and objections. 

When you know your client and his problems, you can give them a solution. Why should they reject a solution? Especially in times like these, when problems are everywhere, right? When you read this article you get the chance to download the case study and worksheet. Answer the questions on this worksheet and you made another step towards success. (Download)

A.2 Secure and contact existing clients 

Second step for today is to check if your already existing clients also have problems. Probably they do…You remember the increasing cancellation rates? 

Did you know, that it is 7times easier to

1) hold a satiesfied Client and

2) furthermore upsell or cross-sell them 

than to attract and close a new client.

In order to hold this client and even upsell to him, you have to make sure that they are satisfied with your work, service, solutions and so on. 

Especially in these times you can ask them: “is there anything I can do for you” (see more in the next chapter), I want to give you the best service you need, the hottest information about.[your niche]… you can get and tell you the best recommendations for..[your solutions]…”

And now comes a very important thing and bear in mind, this is a chance because most of our colleagues consider this as a burdon and if you take this chance, you are at least one step ahead of your competitors.

OK, you are ready? Here it goes:

in insurance industry we face  growing range of regulations for nearly everything: how to document the consultation results, how to take care of and use the data of your customers and so on.

But these regulations are chances: as well as the documenation prevents you from possible claims, the data regulation gives you the reason to ask and so get EVERY possible data from your client and let them sign, that it is OK for them that you contact them…. 

WOW, online marketers would say: You have a list!!! and they would be right!

So, go to your customer, ask if there is anything what you can do for them and then let them give their data to you…

In this step, it is all about the service (for your customer) and the time you have to invest in the service and the gathering of data and not about getting sales at this moment.

But this gives you three huge advantages: 1) Your Customers stay with you and stay satisfied, 2) you are able to use all the data you gathered in the very near future and for all  the instruments you are going to hear about 


3) satisfied Customers in these times refer you easily to the next customer because not everyone is getting 

this service from their insurance agent…

A.3 Use COVID or Crises as your ticket to the Customer 

Instead of being afraid of the situation the world is in at the moment (or nearly every 2-5 years, you know that there is always a crises we have to bear, probably not always as bad as this, but just ask the people suffering from flood, hurricans, fires or financial crisis and so on) you have to be the rock. The one that stands tall and who… 

delivers the solution for exactly these problems:

if it comes to health care insurance, your arguments are on a silver platter, if you cover company risks your prospects should know that because they need this right now.

And so on and so forth. 

I know, you really don’t want to profit from other peoples difficulties, losses or problems.

But there are three very important things you have to remember:

1) we are insurance people and it is our job, our responsibility to cover risks, so we want to make sure that our clients don’t have to take any risk themselves, it is our responsibilty that they do not suffer from this situation or any other like this in the future

2) Our prospects or customers want to have cover for these or at least some of these risks, so they will ask for a solution, especially in times like these, people are utmost aware of risk an uncertainty and why shouldnt they get a solution from YOU?

This leads us to

3) How do they get to you, so that it is you and your solutions that solve their problems? Before we get to this probably most interesting point for you, let me ask you a question: if you have medical issues and you had the chance to get treated by a worldwide known expert for this special issue or from the unexperienced doctor next door: whom would you choose? Yes, the  expert, its always the expert and so it is for your prospects and customers. You have to be the known expert in your special niche (remember: the worksheet…).

But how can you achieve this? Now, there are two simple things

to do: 

1) Get to the place where your customers are 

(remember again: the worksheet) and

2) be visible and deliver valuable answers to the burning questions of your prospects and clients 

(and the third time: the worksheet). 

Now it is obviously depending on what you wrote on your worksheet resp. what is your niche, who are your clients, what do they need and where are they to find.

But regardless of specialities in your niche and of your customers, we all know that in these days, most of your clients will gather…. online. 

Yes, thats right. so, you have to visible, perceivable as an expert in your niche with an online presence and with online content. To cut this short: online presence doesn’t mean a traditional website and content doesn’t mean anything or anywhere, but answers to the burning questions in those social media channels where most of your prospects are.

And I say most of your prospects just because covering all places where they possibly gather with all possible content (text, video, blog, images, statistics, documents, applications etc.) would consume much time.

Therefore I would like to introduce to you some solutions, instruments and tools which I use that will regularly take only two hours a week to get them up and running for you. Would that be OK for you, after implementing all steps, just two hours a week to double your sales figures? 

Very good. then, let’s look at these before we head to the next point:                                                                                                                                                           

There are three different ways or tools you can use to be the known expert in your special niche:

1) Write a book: well, that takes time and crisis is now… I can tell you, because I am about to publish my first book next month. For you and other colleagues I give this away for free. If you are interested, just claim your copy here.

2) Tell your story on TV: now, most times, you already have to be known as an expert before you get your coverage on TV. I will have several interviews next month regarding my book. But that doesn’t help you now, so let’s get to

3) Let your customers believe you are everywhere. Whenever they ask a question online concerning your topic, they have to get to your name, your article, your post, your blog, your quote, your EXPERTISE.


But how can you achieve No 3? Post on nearly every social media channel, create your own blog and deliver articles whenever you can. Torsten…really…. I don’t have the time for “being everywhere”.

I know. But there are tools and services to cover this. Tools that save you tons of hours, so that you really just need about two hours a week to be nearly everywhere. One of these tools I use myself, it is really great and once you know it, you will never want to go without, I can promise you. Just take a look at this video.

If you don’t have three hours a week or want more than “nearly” everywhere… I can offer you a done-for-you system with a blog in your special niche, a full daily coverage in 5 different social media channels, with content made for you and postet on your branded accounts. This solution I only offer for colleagues in our industry and I want to speak to every possible client in person (via zoom), before I make an offer. If you are interested in this done-for-solution, just book your zoom-call here.

Now let’s go on with our case study:

PART B Customers have less money than before 

B.1 Important point for our customers 

Short recap: in Chapter A you learned that it is most important to know

1) who your customer is,

2) whats their most urging problem is,

3) where you can find them so that you can

4) be visible as the expert right there where they are. 

Your Goal is that they realize you have the solution for their problem. Do you have your worksheet with the answers ready? 

It is time to develop the solutions our clients can profit from. Now you will ask: but Torsten, I already have products and I want to sell these products and I do not want to develop other solutions….

OK, I know that you want or rather need to sell your products.

And I want to help you to have success with this. You will sell your products, when time has come and you will sell at least two times of your actual figures, OK? 

But this approach is not about selling products, it is about giving solutions to your clients, and the solutions they really need.


So lets go, right?

In these times people have less money because their employer had to close temporarily or perhaps they lost their job or the virus got them so that they couldn’t get to work and therefore have less money. So this situation is really hard and their wish to save money is real (unlike perhaps in other times when you hear the objection “I have no money”).

So first things first: If they are existing customers of yours: 

offer them premium cuts or a temporary premium exemption.

Yes, thats right, perhaps you lose some money, but you get back trust from, security for and referals from your client: you just have to ask for it. And when there are better times your customer will remember your  proactive help. If you work with an insurance company with modern products, where not only cuts and exemptions of premiums but also partial disbursements of the current balance are possible this is even better.

B.2 How about a loan 

So you want to use every possibility your products or your company give you: either the disbursement or perhaps a loan on the balance they have with the insurance contract.

And loans really are the second possibility not only to secure the existing  contracts with your clients but also to get 

1) new prospects,

2) new clients , 

3) new contracts with existing clients and

4) commissions from selling the loan to the clients. 

That’s a real fun when it comes to companies and entreprises, I can tell you! Helping a company to get a loan they need for financing a machine, a new distribution channel or whatsoever gives you image and expert status and new company clients for insurance contracts.

And we all know: premiums for companies always exceed the premiums for private clients, right? 

And furthermore it is a really hot market to get leads, prospects and new clients, just because your clients need money and banks need clients they can sell loans to….perfect match. 

Now I know that not every financial advisor or insurance agent has the possibility to sell loans because its 

1) not a product their company offers or

2) they are not allowed to sell loan contracts due to regulations in the respective market or due to regulations of their company.

So if you can’t get a contract to sell loans, just get an 

affiliate contract for this. That means you get less commissions for sale but and thats the most important thing:

all the other advantages stay the same for: you secure your clients and/or their contracts with you, you help your clients out of the current situation so they will remember you when there are better times and you can get new leads, prospects and even clients through this channel.

As a bonus you are known and recognized as an expert, because you have a valuable solution for their problems.

This part of your solution would be a fantastic stand-alone version of your client generating machine, delivering you at least 10 new clients a month. I ‘ve done this myself, so I know.  

What would you do with 10 new company clients? 

What could you sell them?


B.3 Where customers can save money 

The third part of our solution when customers have less money than before, is an overall analysis and reduction of their costs.

So you could ask them: “what if we could cut your costs of daily living by 1$, 2$, 5$ or even 10$ a day without you having to dispens with anything you are using or consuming now and without reducing the scope of  services you actually have, what would this be worth for you?”

And then you tell them that all you wanna have for this solution is…..that they cover their existing and elementary risks. That they get the insurance they really need.  Naturally the premium of this insurance should not exceed the saving, personally I think it should not exceed 50% of the saving you can arrange for them, right?

So, how do you do this? Thats really easy: Offer them a comparison for other  insurance segments, contracts and other expenditures of daily life, such as electricity, heating, telecom contracts, even foodstuff, clothes and so on. All you have to do in advance is arranging contracts with suppliers of these things and services.

And as with the loans topic: if there are regulations in your country or your company that do not allow you to have a contract with those suppliers: an affiliate contract is always an alternative, you know? And besides the great effect of additional income from commission for those contracts, you get satisfied Customers, who do not cancel the contract with you and you get a whole lot of new prospects and clients. 

Now, there are some colleagues whom I told this, and they said: Boaah, maybe I get commissions and maybe I get new clients, but this sounds very …elaborate…

I know: you wouldn’t say this, but just to be very clear: this part of the solution will get you tons of clients a year and many thousands of commission out of insurance or other contracts, even or better said especially in times like these.

This is worth every effort. 

So, when your clients still utter that they are not sure, 

first bear in mind: 

with all the benefits you gave them, there is only room for insecurity when you gave this room. So you have to find out, where is the missing piece of information and give it to your customer. Tell them that this is your fault. You must have dropped out some very important information, you are sorry for that, lets recap etc.

And then perform your offer in the only way which is right: with full enthusiasm, conviction and persuasion. If your solution is worth it, your customers are worth getting it. That’s your responsibility.

OK. We are through with Part B. But the best is still to come ;-)) 

How do we put all this together in a system that serves you as your sales generation machine. Yeah!

So, stay tuned to the chapter.

And before we get there, one offer for you and against your uncertainty to be able to do all this affiliate and contract stuff. If you need help with a list what to do, with outlining your personal strategy on this: just click on the link and book in a slot with me for a free 30-minute-strategy session.


PART C The System 

C.1 Knowing is the secret 

Attention: time to reveal every step of my secret success system. And so, it will be less strategic and more tactical stuff here.

But before we come to the single steps of this success system, let me shortly recap what you’ve learned before. 

In chapter A you saw that it is important to secure your existing clients and how to do so. And you got to know how to use COVID or a crisis to attract (new) clients. Now in chapter B we talked about what solutions you could offer your clients so that they see you as an expert and would like to know more of your service.

And not to forget in Chapter A I showed you the most important secret to know is…. to know. 

Yes, to know your customers, to know yourself and your solution and why it is so important. Because only then you know where your customers are and how you can serve them best so that they buy from you and only from you.

So, you have your worksheet ready? Ready means: you have it besides your  keyboard and you already wrote the complete answers to the questions on this worksheet. 

OK? lets go, It is time to use it:

C.2 Go Where your clients are 

The truth is: this sounds very easy, but this is the hardest part. We will concentrate on the online places where your clients are. So take a look at your worksheet. What are the the social media channels they are using most, which topics do they search for in google, where do they gather on social media with other (probably like-minded and therefore interesting for you) people? 

Lets assume your wrote Facebook or Instagram as the main channels on your worksheet. And there you know 4-5 groups (facebook) where they are hanging around, talking about important topics and asking other group members important questions.

Or, when it comes to Instagram, who is it they follow, what content does this  person, company or influencer deliver and what are the hashtags that attract your prospect or customer.

You get the point,right?

Yes, now it is time to get an account (a business profil for instagram and a business page for facebook) on these platforms. Some of the essentials you have to include in your accounts we will cover a little later in part three of this chapter, but for now we will concentrate on two other things: what to post on your profile and how to engage with your prospects in those places they are gathering. So first, what to post: deliver valuable content, not only informations. It should answer questions which they pose in groups or in google for example. And it should somehow entertain your prospects and visitors.

If your niche is health insurance for example, you may put statistics about what  your company paid on different medical issues in the last month and combine this with a story of a real customer, for example the beloved daughter of your customer who got the 100.000 Dollar heart surgery she needed.


On instagram you will use images or short videos that relate to this content (there are tons of sources you can use, just to save valuable time here: go to YouTube and let them tell you where to find free images, how to make a short video and so on – or you take one of my offers at the end of chapter A!) and you will use trending hashtags and hashtags relating to the questions of your prospects below this post. 

Did I see a sceptic face on the other side of this article ;-)). 

Well, I promised you the secret success system and that you get the success in very short time, if you follow the steps. And I promised you that it will only take 2 hours a week when implemented. And: thats the case. In the research and implementation phase (if you do this yourself and don’t delegate it to..for example…me) you surely have to invest a little more time, but lets face it: you want to double your sales figures, its really worth the effort, right? 

What if I told you, that its only about 15 hours you have to spent to get this all started? That’s the amount of time I spent (besides the several weeks of research and the thousands of dollars in masterclasses I invested for creating this system, naturally) when I started my accounts. 

That’s a fair investment of time. But it’s not only the amount of time, right? It’s posting images or videos with you on it, right? 

Now, let me tell you this: You on video and foto will have the best effect. For example I am convinced that one reason I enjoy my success is, because my customers can see videos and Facebook-lives with me and not just a presentation.

But a presentation would do, you don’t have to get yourself in front of a camera. And there are tons of tutorials out there how to make screen presentations or how to shoot really good videos. Just go to YouTube for example.

But let’s go on: Like instagram you put your (longer) videos on Facebook and mostly important engage yourself in groups and answer their questions, delivering short  solutions and do so in many locations, so that you earn a kind of expert status in these groups.

But bear in mind:

Serve first: put no offer here, just value, no selling here, just content, not even a link to your business page. 

They have to show up there themselves!

And yes, there is a danger of them going to other consultants and some of them will. You know this kind of person, grabbing everything at lowest price possible regardless of quality, full of grieve and envy, not knowing the value of a service.


a) you are not such a person, you deliver valuable content and you can truely look forward to people  coming to you who know the worth of your service because you do too and

b) that’s the best part,  you don’t really want to deal  with people who don’t realize the value of a service, right? we both know, these are persons who would not grant you a dollar commission even if you give them a 100 dollar worth, they just cause headache, you don’t want them. So let them go to others and cause the headache  there. Most people, and there recently was a study stating that about 92% of people, know the value of a service, just like you and me do. 


Still you have to deliver service first and so attract the right people to your offer. Yes, i said “attract”. The first and only time you offer them anything is…. when they come to you to get it. Sounds cool, doesn’t it?

And how you do this, we cover now in the third part.

C.3 Deliver the solution 

Final part of our journey: How to turn the social media account you just started in a lead generation machine. 

You already decided in part two which channel(s) you should use (where are you customers, and what content and what form of content do you want to deliver; video, audio, interview, blog, or all? Remember my offer in Part A). 

Now you have to decide: marathon or sprint. that’s on the one hand just the Free traffic which pours in on your profile from the various groups you are engaging in (just is not the right word: you will see that it really pours in after a few weeks!!), or/and use ads to accelerate this process and get immediate success.  

Both ways work and are proven. One is really short but needs  money spent on ads and the other one works long term and really well. My secret way is a combination of both, there are people who call this “attraction on steroids” ;-)) but thats another story.

So whatever you decide, it is the right way for you, it will work. It is just a question of time. So what’s the solution you offer when the clients come to you, either via free traffic or via ads: there are two possibilities 

1) is for companies and

2) is for private customers.

For this article we concentrate on the private customers for three reasons:

First I don’t wanna overwhelm you. There are already many secrets you got and loads of informations you have to process, right.

Furthermore The secrets and bonuses you get in these article and in the download of the case study are far too valuable to just throw them at you and then watch you feeling helpless with the implementation of this system and giving it up. 

That wouldn’t be good and that’s not my goal, so we concentrate on one way. 

Second reason is, I  consider it is of more worth for you all to concentrate on private clients first, because not everyone has dealt with company insurance until now or is really experienced with companies issues or is afraid to get in contact with companies.

And again this would then cause overwhelm and some people wouldmerely give up. 


Third, even if the company solution is the one with the bigger sales impact, the private solution is the one with the faster impact. And I promised in the headline: double your figures in six weeks and I am used to deliver.

So, here we go: Now the traffic of people who like your content, who saw your service, who acknowledge the value of your free solutions to other people’s problems or who just simply saw your ad, all those persons are now coming to your social media channel, what do you do….wahhhh… panic.. 

No, there’s now reason to… just write a link in your bio and install a simple funnel, …. if you dont know how or where there are lots of providers out there. I personally use builderall, just because its easy, it has everything (30 different instruments an systems, like booking tool, video hosting, email-System, landing-pages, webinars, wordpress-blog-pages, etc. ) on board and you get many tutorials and I could start with a 30-day trial for just one dollar.

But just look around yourself. If you wanna try Builderall, you will find a link to the 30-day trial below. So, now you have the provider and you can start with chosing one of the free funnels already built and get your prospects give you their email and their phone number in exchange for just your promise “i will help you”,

…no …..

one step further you will have to go.

You have to give them every information you have about the savings they can achieve (your remember, the concept in the last chapter). …WHAT?…… but then they will…. Yes, up to 7 percent will (the headache-7-percent you remember?) go to other plattforms and consultants an make it there. 

And just to be sure with the other 93%, there is one little legitimate trick you will  use. We’ll come to this in a second. But first let me continue to describe what you have to do: 

They give you their email, name and number and for this they get access to a membership site you created (yes only one for all), where all the different ways to save money (I personally use 5 different ways) are described, for example in a video or a screen capture of a presentation you did and where you show exactly, and I mean exactly how and where to apply for those savings , you even deliver the application forms for that. 

Before you shout at the screen. NOOOOO, then all the other 93% will go to other agents, ….no they won’t… and now there comes the secret trick: the application forms you use and that they use have your agency number printed on it, so that even if they send the forms directly to the shops or service providers, you will at least get the commission for that and you still have the name, the email and the number for your insurance business.

And not to forget that one of the five ways is the insurance premium saving way ;-)) and that’s not only your profession, and you are the expert, furthermore the address (email, postbox, fax, whatever you like) they have to send this special form to is ……drrrrrummmmsss…. yes, your address, so it is sure that you get the information and the possible sale for your most important way, the insurance way.

So, you told them everything they have to do to save money, they delivered the information to you and now its your turn: get the appointment (online or personally) and close the deal (pssst, if you should have trouble with this part of the sales process…. somewhere on my page… there should be a training for this…;-)). 


Please tell me in the comments below: how does it feel when you imagine yourself looking on your bank account in six weeks  from now and seeing doubled commissions on the asset side of your balance? Great, right?

So, that’s all folks. I wish you all the best implementing this system and enjoying your success, you will deserve it. Bye for now, Torsten

……….aaaaaahhhh, nearly forgot this: If you’ve enjoyed this content and you are  committed to double your sales figures in the next 6 weeks then you’ll want to know that i’ve put some time aside on my calendar for you to schedule a call for a FREE 30 minute strategy session, just click on this link


And here is the link for the builderall trial, as I promised above.

Have a good time!

How To Be Successful On YouTube, Instagram, TikTok | 6 Tips To Start and Grow Faster

How To Start and Grow Your Social Media Following Fast –

6 Evergreen Tipps

Long Time ago it used to be….

It used to be that you had to be famous to have a large following.

What I mean is that it’s the thing of the past, you needed to be an actor and athlete a musician, a singer to be famous and known. But, as I said it’s the thing of the past, you don’t need to be any of these to be famous in 2021. That’s where the power of social media kicks in.

now years ago, the famous Bollywood actor mr. Shahrukh Khan was asked. What do you think? Who will be the next superstar after you and guess what he said? That’S pretty interesting. He said that the next superstar would not come from Bollywood or Hollywood perhaps but would be from the general public. The next superstar would come from the social media.


They would have more connect with people, they would be more like and adored. Well, yes, he was so right with social media like YouTube, Instagram, tik-tok and many more. It’s your chance to become famous to millions of viewers out there. So how do you jump-start your success on social media? How do you become a viral sensation?

Well, that’s what we will talk about today. I will share with you six useful insights by the way there are many more, but these six are essential skills that would really help you to kickstart your journey on social media and achieve that unbounded, success and reach millions who are waiting to consume you well.

You are with me Torsten and my success blog and if you wanna see how I do on social media, just take a look at my accounts and pages: https://ts4u.vip/start


The first step to kick-start your social media success is to get the basics right, no matter which platform you start with, be it YouTube: Instagram, Facebook, tik tok or any other platform. You need to have some basic skills. Now, I remember when I started with this 12 months ago, I took a long time to perfect my delivery, to perfect my editing skills.

You must understand how Social media truly works. For me it was more of a trial and error stuff in the beginning, but in 2021 things will change dramatically. The internet is growing even faster. Well, you now certainly have no time for trial and error anymore.

For example, if you are starting on YouTube or Instagram, where most of us are, you need to know some basic photography or filming skills how to handle the camera different camera angles, how to edit photos and videos. So how do you acquire these skills? Well, there are so many online platforms available today, where you could learn these skills for free, for example, YouTube where you can already watch us.


My blog is one of them, but on YouTube you would not always find content in a sequence, especially when you are starting from level one or even zero. So what do you do? First, don’t give up this early, even if there are obstacles in your way. And if there courses to go through for a few bucks: take them. For YouTube I can recommend you this course: it is called Tube Domination, just click here


You will get many useful tipps and advice for your successful start with YouTube.

so here is in particular that I am looking at, which is how to shoot videos on a phone. And if you see there are so many videos out here where it would really be helpful for each one of y’all to learn how to shoot on your phone. So let’s have a look at probably videography for beginner.

Now guys, Tube Domination is extremely affordable. And on top you can get access to an amazing community of people who all share the same goal: get eyeballs on your offers and social media accounts.

So, the first step is to get your basics right now.


Here is the second thing being unique and entertaining.

If you look at the most popular social media stars today, you will notice all of them have found a special niche to focus on whether it’s talking about technology like unbox therapy or the technical guru ji.

Someone who talks about fashion health, motivation, or growing your business like I do, they all have picked up something that they love to talk about. Now, that’s important, because if you start talking about something you are least interested in, you would certainly not put your heart in it.

For example, if I have to talk about cooking, which I am really bad at it, I am NOT doing justice to my audience. I mean I might do a few videos or photos and that’s about it. I will start losing interest and so will my audience as I would have not much to share about it. So you need to identify your niche or your area of interest to start with the biggest mistake people make when they start on social media. Is they pick up a category which generates a lot of views or likes understand? One thing your niche or your area of interest may have a smaller audience, but that would become your dedicated and loyal community who would love to watch what you are good at?


The next thing is to be consistent, and I know, that being consistent on social media could be challenging. Yes, you are possibly in college, are probably doing a nine-to-five job, putting out content consistently is quite a task for every one of us, but if you have to build your influence on social media, you have to be concerned. If you do not post stuff frequently, you will be out of sight, or I can say out of mind for your followers. Now social media is vast. It’s easy for your followers to just forget about you and if you are not consistent, you will soon be buried on social media.

Now, consistency does not only mean posting regularly. It also means content consistency. Now what does that really mean? In the first step? You have decided on your niche say your niche is talking about motivation and then suddenly you shift your focus on tech unboxing, that’s not consistency. Your audience is following you or subscribed to you, because you are a great person at motivating them, helping them with personal growth like we do on skillopedia. So why look confused and drive the audience away by changing your focus, focus on what you do the best and not on what gather more views, views and success would follow if you maintain consistency in your content. So remember friends, consistency is key.

Now, if you want to have real support with the consistency issue, try a scheduling software. And take one which gives you the possibility to connect all of your social media accounts, let you make bulk posts (what a relieve!) and even get brand new and up-to-date content for your special niche…every day. Interested, how this works? Well, just take a look here.


Here’s the next one: provide quality content. Now getting someone’s attention is different than holding someone’s attention. You might get someone’s attention on social media, but holding that attention and making people to keep following you is challenging just to be consistent.

You cannot upload anything out. Let’s talk about YouTube as it’s the most popular video platform. For example, your video might have a great title, a great thumbnail, but the actual content doesn’t appeal the audience. Well, they would leave after watching 10 to 20 percent of your video. Now, videos that are watched longer will be given higher ranking over those who have just abused and know great watch time. Eventually the video would die. now I have noticed this is the biggest mistake people make when they enter social media. They just see to grab attention rather than focusing on quality content. So if you work on the content and provide quality, I mean watching a ten minute video if your audience is going to take away something from that video.

You are a winner now understand you are competing with thousands of videos out there and if your content has quality over a period of time, you will create a loyal fanbase. Your fans would keep coming back to view your content. Now, quality videos don’t happen by accident. They are created with proper planning, so put some time in planning what should go out there. That would create value for your fans and for your followers now guys it’s important for you to know and engage your audience. You should be able to describe your audience with detail like how old are they? What would be they interested in? What are the words that will capture their attention? What exactly are they looking for like? Are they looking for comedy for education for fitness entertainment, because if you know what your audience expects, it’s just easy to fine-tune your content that matches their requirement now this sounds pretty simple, but many tend to just overlook it. So don’t assume you know everything research. And if you need a starting point for your first step: remember my tipp 1 and the link I gave you for TubeDomination.


Now, let’s talk about engagement now, if you want to become famous responding to comments and making videos or photo shoots based on audience, requests really helps to make you look approachable. Now this is a big difference.

You will see what social media stars as opposed to mainstream media, such as the television, Bollywood or Hollywood, are just a music and fashion celebs. Now social media stars have a reputation of being accessible and responsive to their audience. You know about them. What you plan to upload next ask them questions and answer them timely, the more they are engaged with you, the more they become your loyal fanbase. So it’s important for you to know your audience and engage with them. Answer their comments. And never forget to add a call-to-action at the beginning and the end of your videos, blogs, articles and posts. Just like me now: if you need support, just contact me 😉


Now. Here is the most important thing that I personally believe in: be patient.

Most of you who start new on social media become very impatient. I mean the moment you post something you expect instant likes or instant views. Now you need to understand that people are yet to discover you don’t worry, they will find you. You need to focus on your efforts on how people would discover you on social media rather than being so impatient and checking your phone every other.

Second, to find out how many people have actually liked your stuff now, if it’s not discovered today, relax, it will be discovered tomorrow, just be patient. Now one mistake I have seen many newbies making on social media. Is that once they see that you know, social media is not going anywhere, they try to find easy means to grow their followers or subscribers. Now what I mean is that they end up buying audience now find followers, or subscribers will give you a dramatic boost on your social media. The growth graphs would look amazing, but you know you are actually putting your social media account at great risk. Do you think these social media companies are fools? I mean they know where and how is your growth coming buying followers or subscribers is against the policies of social media companies and your account is sure to shut now also buying audience won’t give you engagement on your posts or uploads. And engaged followers is what you want, because only with engaged followers you are able to monetize, right?

Imagine you would buy a thousand likes or hundred thousand views with no comments or likes on your video. I mean. Doesn’t that look strange? The audience is smart to differentiate that so guys stay away from these cheap stunts to grow your social media accounts and don’t put them at risk.

So here were the tips that I personally followed to grow and still growing my fan base on social media. And I really really hope that you would make use of them to kick-start your social media journey and showcase your talent out there, showcase your skills to millions of viewers out there. Please let me know in the comments how useful did you find this article and also, let me know if you want me to cover any specific topics that would really help you in your career, either in social media or in generating leads or growing your online business.

So friends, stay tuned to the next article that would help you survive and grow in this competitive social media age. If you you want me to cover another topic you are interested in: just contact me. You know my number and my name.